Managing Staff and Maintaining a Working Environment

If you have a number of employees, the morale of your team can affect how smoothly your business runs and can change the impressions given off to your customers. This can come down to how your employees mix as co-workers and colleagues, or how they feel about their employer (yourself) and how you run your business. Employing someone to manage your staff from a Human Resources perspective can help take the pressure of you as a business owner.

David Jones, author at, and renown lover of Adirondack Chairs says, “Sometimes it can be nice to have a slight buffer between you and your employees, as disagreements occur in business – we all know it – and if it’s a direct confrontation between business owner and employee, it can have repercussions on the involved member of staff and lower their respect for you as a manager.”

If HR is involved it can sort out any situations out professionally as a department, and save any direct contact that could break down working relationships.

In a working environment, there is sometimes no way of avoiding “toxic” people, who develop a negative attitude to what they do, and bring team morale down with them. Many people will have witnessed it before, where one member of staff can affect how everyone communicates and works together because of an outburst or just an overall negative attitude to their work and even their employer. Having a positive calm attitude towards dealing with such people is a necessity – things will only escalate it you poke the fire with a blunt, unreasonable approach.

To help with maintaining your working relationships with your staff, you should have one-to-one meetings with them to discuss how they feel about everything – the job, the workplace, you, their employees etc. and if they have any issues, you should try your best to resolve them and iron them out. Sometimes you will find that employees would rather conceal their issues as to not cause any friction in the workplace, but you will find that if you speak to them about it, the atmosphere can be much improved when any discrepancies are diminished.

Take for example Motor Trade Insurance. As an insurer, it’s imperative that you hire the correct insurance salesmen – for compliance reasons. We spoke to one sure insurance, one of the UK’s leading motor trade insurers, who said, “We only hire the best. We have to; to seperate ourselves from the competition.”

In said one-to-one meetings, it could be a good idea to set targets for your employees to see how they go about improving their work rates or devotion to the role. Obviously it depends on your type of business and how you work, when it comes to setting targets – some things aren’t possible to monitor so comparing one month’s figures to the next for example, will not be an option, however the principle of setting targets for an employee can help improve overall work ethics and motivation.

There are many other methods towards keeping your employees interested in improving themselves and working hard to make the business grow, but providing you don’t lock yourself in an office away from your employees and customers, and actually interact with your staff, you can build up a healthy working relationship with everyone and develop as a team for the sake of your business.


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